Banana and peanut butter nice cream 

If someone told me before that we could make ice with just banana I wouldn't believe, but it's actually possible! All you have to do is freeze chopped banana and blitz it in a food processor and that's it, eat it right away, absolutely guilt free and super healthy, not to mention how delicious it… Continue reading Banana and peanut butter nice cream 


Detox green smoothie 

This is a great smoothie to start your day, keeps you full until lunchtime and with all natural ingredients, no added rubbish at all.  I have had a very busy couple of months, my in laws visited us from Poland last October, then in December my parents visited us from India and in March my… Continue reading Detox green smoothie 


Chocolate, peanut Butter and tahini smoothie 

I am a peanut butter lover, anything in peanut butter is my fav. I love smoothies for breakfast, it's one of the best way to get all the nutrients in the morning without the trouble of spending too much time in the kitchen. Just throw all the stuff in the blender and it's done.  I… Continue reading Chocolate, peanut Butter and tahini smoothie 


Double peanut butter and chocolate smoothie 

Peanut butter and chocolate they both are such a great combo, oh man I so love it! I love peanut butter on anything and with everything 😊 This two colour peanut butter goodness is so yummy and so full of natural nutrition. For the chocolate smoothie I used fresh coconut water, I just broke a… Continue reading Double peanut butter and chocolate smoothie 


Green and yellow swirl smoothie 

This smoothie just came out of all the left over fruits and few greens in the fridge, wanted to make something interesting that not only tastes good but looks colorful too and is full of natural nutrients to start off a busy day. I wanted to do something about my cold, apart from taking any… Continue reading Green and yellow swirl smoothie 


Kale and kiwi smoothie

This super green smoothie will keep you so full until lunch time for sure. All the right nutritious ingredients to start off your day. Also no added sugar, trust me you will not at all taste the bitterness of kale 😉 Serves 2 2 organic bananas Juice of 2 oranges 3 to 4 ripe kiwis… Continue reading Kale and kiwi smoothie


Bread Masala

This super easy wholewheat bread masala is so tasty and so filling, with only few ingredients you can whip up this breakfast in no time, also a favorite among kids. As a child I remember eating this before going to school 🙂 now that my mom is here with me on her vacation she made… Continue reading Bread Masala


Sweet and sour veggies

Few days ago one lazy Sunday afternoon,  I was in  no mood to cook anything fancy, that's when I came up with this recipe. Also a great way to use up all the left over veggies. You can use any vegetables of your choice, what ever you have in the fridge. I used onion, green… Continue reading Sweet and sour veggies


Chocolate mocha smoothie 

Sometimes I get this chocolate craving, even for breakfast 😜 but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna settle for something unhealthy, there are many ways of satisfying my craving in a healthy way. With this smoothie I get the chocolaty taste and also all the good nutrition, lots of anti-oxidants, protein from Greek yogurt and… Continue reading Chocolate mocha smoothie 


Tomato and Aubergine Bake

I found this recipe in a little book they give away at my local supermarket and it has become one of our family favorites. I have already made this a couple of times and every time it tastes just delicious. Such a simple recipe and so healthy, no carbs at all, just pure veg. A great dish… Continue reading Tomato and Aubergine Bake