Healthy treats

Dark chocolate almond butter cups

I’m sure many of you have already seen this on Pinterest and Instagram, I had to try it for myself to see how it actually tastes and I am so happy I did. It’s just melt in your mouth goodness. The key to making the best delicious tasting almond butter cups, is to use a… Continue reading Dark chocolate almond butter cups


Almond flour cookies (vegan)

When I say yes word cookie at home my boys face light up 😆 I keep thinking of ways of making healthy cookies the whole family can enjoy, guilt free. These delicious cookies are refined sugar free and gluten free too. I really liked everything about this cookie, this was the first time I made… Continue reading Almond flour cookies (vegan)


Italian whole-wheat spaghetti turkey meatballs

The word spaghetti and meatballs instantly makes me hungry, even if I just ate 😉. The pure combination of tiny meatballs, cooked in tasty tomato sauce and the culmination of whole-wheat spaghetti is like a match made in heaven. Unlike most traditional Italian spaghetti meatballs recipe this is much healthier. I have modified it a… Continue reading Italian whole-wheat spaghetti turkey meatballs

Healthy treats

Dry fruits ladoo (dry fruits raw ball)

In India during any festival the most important part is the food, apart from the religious prayers (puja) to God and all the grand colors and decorations, sigh! I miss India so much, especially during a festival. I remember my mom used to wake up early and prepare so many delicious food, so many varieties… Continue reading Dry fruits ladoo (dry fruits raw ball)


Chocolate and peanut butter smoothie bowl (vegan)

One can never say no to chocolate, that too for breakfast, 😉 before I started my healthy eating journey, if someone told me they had a chocolate smoothie for breakfast I would be like what!!! I have learnt so much and come a long way. This smoothie is full of natural, wholesome, organic goodness and… Continue reading Chocolate and peanut butter smoothie bowl (vegan)


French toast rolls filled with cream cheese and strawberries

Everyday the biggest problem at most of the house holds is what to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In my house too I keep wondering what could I make to keep our tummies happy. I was browsing through YouTube the other day and came across this delicious recipe, I made it once for my… Continue reading French toast rolls filled with cream cheese and strawberries