Vegan Chocolate mousse 

I have seen this recipe many times on Pinterest and instagram, but wasn’t sure until I tried it myself. I was skeptical at first thinking how can just avocado taste mousse like, but when I tried this even my husband enjoyed it, the best part is it’s absolutely easy to make. Just throw all the… Continue reading Vegan Chocolate mousse 


Banana and blueberry smoothie 

Most of the time my smoothies are created by throwing all the ingredients together and it’s not every time that it turns out delicious, well luckily most of the time it has. It’s also better for me to keep it written somewhere so I remember the recipe. This is one of them.  It’s almost summer… Continue reading Banana and blueberry smoothie 


Falafel hummus burger (Chickpeas burger)

The other day I wanted to make hummus, so I decided the night before to soak dried chickpeas, in India we don’t usually buy tinned food like chickpeas, kidney beans etc, at least as far as I remember my mom wasn’t. So anyways, it is very convenient to buy a tin of chickpeas or kidney… Continue reading Falafel hummus burger (Chickpeas burger)


Dark chocolate porridge 

Evenly now and then I get this incredible chocolate craving, but I must say luckily I don’t have a sweet tooth unlike my husband 😉 I’m happy that I absolutely love dark chocolate, which is actually healthy when consumed in moderation, isn’t that great! Dark chocolate is rich with antioxidants and may even lower blood… Continue reading Dark chocolate porridge 


Banana and peanut butter nice cream 

If someone told me before that we could make ice with just banana I wouldn’t believe, but it’s actually possible! All you have to do is freeze chopped banana and blitz it in a food processor and that’s it, eat it right away, absolutely guilt free and super healthy, not to mention how delicious it… Continue reading Banana and peanut butter nice cream